Thirteen tips to help you blitz the 100 Day Goal

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If you’re doing the 100 Day Goal and finding it trickier than you thought, here’s a compilation of fabulous tips from people who’ve done it before!

100 day goal

1.Make sure you have a goal that you really, really, really want to achieve.

I know I’ve said this before, but the RIGHT goal really, really is the thing that motivates and drives us when we’re feeling eugh. If you have more than a day or two when you feel like you can’t be bothered with the 100 Day goal, take another look at what you’re aiming at. Do you really care whether you achieve it?!

2.One goal is better than multiple goals

Of course you can have as many goals as you want! But the BIG tip from everyone who has done the 100 Day Goal before is that it works better if you put all your focus into one goal.

3. Keep your ACTIONS small and doable

If you feel a bit overwhelmed by your daily ACTIONS just chunk them down into smaller bits. ACTIONS don’t have to be big, they just need to be things you do that work directly towards achieving your goal.

4. Have a selection of easy quick things to do for busy (or eugh) days

Some days you’ll be really busy on other business-y stuff, so keep a few super-quick-very-easy ACTIONS on your Master Action list which you can pick to do on those days! You can use the super-quick-very-easy ACTIONS for eugh days TOO!

5. Don’t worry about doing three ACTIONS a day if you’re finding it too much

Three ACTIONS a day is good to aim for but if you can’t do three, do one. Better than none!

6. But do DO something EVERY day!

Do try to do something every day. The more days you do, the more days you’ll want to do! Really! Tick. Tick. Tick. You won’t want to break that chain!

7. Start your day with a little ACTION, it’ll make you want to do more!

If you start your day with a little ACTION you’ll be so pleased you did it that you’ll want to do more! TRUE!

8. Not got much on your Master Action List? Ask for help!

Because you’ve (now!) got a very clear goal it’s easy to ask your friends (or our group for help). For example, if your goal is to make 100 new sales you can ask for suggestions as to how to do that.

9. Not enough time? Decide what’s more important

OK! So if you’re super busy and struggling to find the time to work on your 100 Day Goal then you need to ask yourself the question “Which is more important, the stuff I’m doing now or my goal actions?” It’s a fair question and maybe the other stuff is more important! If that’s the case then give yourself a break and quit the 100 Day Goal this time around.

10. Missed a day? Never mind! Start again tomorrow!

Really! It’s that simple. Don’t beat yourself up about a missed day. There’s 100 all together. Don’t give up!

11. Writing the Journal really helps!

It does, keep it up!

12. Mini goals might help you TOO!

If your 100 Day Goal feels a bit big right now, break it up into smaller 30 day goals. Still aim for the BIG goal but celebrate your achievements after a month!

13. Not started yet? That’s fine- start now, and finish with us.

That’s the lovely thing about 100 days, you can start a bit late and still be ok!


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