Tea with……Kylie Wiffen of birdynumnumDesign

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Tea Time!

Tea Time!

We’re doing a series of interviews. Today meet Kylie Wiffen! Kylie runs birdynumnumDesign and she makes totally gorgeous homemade homeware for little people! We know Kylie because she’s doing our Healthy Income Program!

Kylie Wiffen

Kylie Wiffen

Kylie, What does your business do?

I design and create beautiful original quality handmade décor items for children’s rooms. Think divinely magical nursery mobiles, hand cut textural wall artworks and quirky handmade toys (each with amusing tiny story). Each piece is individually handmade by me in my home studio. I divide my time between creating, chasing around my two boys and spending time with my amazing husband. We live in a tiny coastal town in Australia and enjoy the simple things and the simple life.



Why did you start it?

I started my business after I identified a gap in the market for the style of homewares I wanted to use in my own baby’s nurseries. Over the past 6 years the handmade sector has boomed and I am thrilled to be a part of it!

How long have you been in business?

I launched my label four and a half years ago and it has grown steadily ever since which has been so exciting! Last year I quit my day job to focus full time on my business. Being an on line business means I have the flexibility to work around my family’s schedule. Win win!

Tell us about a business success you’ve had!

I have been extremely fortunate to have been featured in magazines such as Cosmo Pregnancy, Home Magazine (Herald Sun) and Shop4Kids. This exposure has been amazing for building brand awareness and it’s been very exciting to see my products in glossy print form!

What aspect of running your business do you find toughest?

I find it hard to completely switch off, especially as my business is run from home. It’s something I have had to really work on, but I am getting better at it over time.




What’s your best tip for getting stuff done?

Make lists! I have a notebook which I update every Sunday night to prepare for the week ahead. It helps me stay focussed and keep up with the juggle of small children, running the house and running my business.

What’s your best tip for finding customers?

Narrow down your target market first and then market directly to that target. Use social media, but don’t rely on it. For example: Many small businesses have relied on facebook for free marketing and now that this is no longer free are running into problems. Marketing is a necessary part of business and it has a cost which needs to be built into your business plan.

How do you pick yourself up on a bad day?

I clean!  I feel better if things around me are orderly so if I need a pick me up or if I’m feeling overwhelmed I clean and tidy. Then I feel better and I have a clean and tidy house/studio.




I’ve got an employee for you. She will work 80 hours over the next 4 weeks. She’s very trustworthy and can do type of work. What would you get her to do?

I would ask her to go over all of my online content and give it a good refresh and tidy up. Photo edits, social media, copy writing, everything!

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud that I have created something original with my own hands which is appreciated and loved by others. It’s such an amazing feeling when I receive beautiful feedback from a happy customer. That gives me a buzz every single time.

When you turn a hobby you love into a business, it can drain a lot of the joy out of it, how do you keep it fun?

I keep it fun by setting aside time to keep developing new ideas. This is what gives me the drive to keep going and keeps me challenged and interested. I am constantly learning new things about technique, marketing, online commerce. I actually find it completely fascinating so there is always something to turn to when I need a pep up.

What keeps you going when it feels like what you’re trying to accomplish is so far off

I set small goals to achieve along the way, by breaking the large goal down into little chunks it doesn’t feel quite so overwhelming.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Be true to yourself, enjoy what you are doing and you can’t really go wrong.

A blog you like to read?


A small business resource you recommend?

The Business Bakery, Create and Thrive,  ETSY Seller Handbook,

How do you manage business and family? Got any tips?

  • Set aside specific work days and use Daycare if you need to
  • Make Lists!
  • Don’t take on too much
  • family comes first
  • Learn the importance of saying no

Thank you Kylie! Want to find out more about Kylie or connect with her? Here you go:

Facebook page: BirdynumnumDesign
Pinterest: birdynumnumDesign
Etsy Shop  BirdynumnumDesign
Down that little lane: BirdynumnumDesign
Madeit: BirdynumnumDesign


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