Tea with Kathleen Connell….from Kathleen Connell Singing Studio

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We’re doing a series of interviews. Today meet Kathleen Connell! Kathleen runs the Kathleen Connell Singing StudioWe know Kathleen because she’s doing our Healthy Income Program!

Kathleen Connell

Kathleen Connell

What does your business do?

Teach singing


Why did you start it?

I wanted to combine my love of singing and teaching.

How long have you been in business?

Since 2004 as a part time business. 2012 full time business

What’s a lesson you’ve learned the hard way?

To be clear about fees collection and conditions. To be clear about the conditions of engagement and consultation periods

Tell us about a business success you’ve had!

This year I have reached goals for the number of clients I need to achieve my profit goal!

Kathleen's students!

Kathleen’s students!

What has running a business taught you about yourself?!

That I can run a small, profitable, well marketed and operated, independent practice and not feel worried about doing it on my own.

What aspect of running your business do you find toughest?

Consistently marketing and new ideas in marketing-which keeps a prospect enquiring and customers coming in. (Oh and I don’t like doing my newsletter- I can’t explain why!)

Which aspect of running your business do you like best?

Teaching and being part of an individual’s creative goals. When singers have improved, sound better and understand how they can make better sound, it’s just wonderful.

What’s your best tip for getting stuff done?

Slowly, progressively work through goals. Prioritize and plan ahead

How do you manage your to-do list?

Write one each week. Check what didn’t get done last week and see why and how important it was and then begin again

What’s your best tip for finding customers?

An easy to navigate website with SEO that encourages prospects to leave a message. Then ensure you follow up on those messages. 95% of customers come via website for me. The rest are referral or other

What has most surprised you about running a business?

That once you learn how to run a business (even the mundane stuff) it can be a skill that is easy to learn, transferrable and not a mystery or just for those with a mythical ‘business brain”.

How do you pick yourself up on a bad day?

Go to bed, sleep and get up to a new day.

(Wishful thinking!) I’m giving you $5000 (£2500) to spend only on your business. How will you spend it?

New technology, an assistant, and new marketing

Kathleen and her students

Kathleen and her students

I’ve got an employee for you. She will work 80 hours over the next 4 weeks. She’s very trustworthy and can do type of work. What would you get her to do?

The employee needs to be able to read music, know Sibelius software and have some digital and definitely computing skills. Then I’d get her to do music writing for customers, marketing, including graphics, social media and other marketing jobs. I’d get her to research some new marketing ideas and see about implementing. Finally if she had the right skills and experience she may become a more regular part of the teaching team.

What’s your busiest time of the year?

The least busy are November-January-so that makes the rest of the year busy. February is very busy with reigniting the client base and studio. But the last two weeks have been very busy!

What are you most proud of?

That I took the risk to leave a school based job and start my own independent practice that has meet goals over the past two years. (And my amazingly growing up kids who are finding their own passions that may one day be small businesses))

When you turn a hobby you love into a business, it can drain a lot of the joy out of it, how do you keep it fun?

I love seeing others reach their goals, just as I enjoyed reaching my own creative and skill mastering goals. I’m lucky I get to take people through these skill mastery processes. It’s quite special!

What keeps you going when it feels like what you’re trying to accomplish is so far off?

The daily routine of clients coming in for their lessons and the little by little steps the business is making. I look back and see the growth. I keep a Friday afternoon journal and that reminds me of where I’ve come from and going to.

Who inspires you?

There are a few people. (This weekend a friend suddenly passed away and remembering some of the lessons she taught me has cheered my sad heart) Julia Bickerstaff is pretty inspiring (and I don’t like to butter up the teacher!)

Kathleen's services

Kathleen’s services

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

If it weren’t for the money, would you stay in that job?” I decided that the money and job (well actually it was a pathetic wage!) wasn’t the only reason I wanted to teach singing, and went out on my own.

A business book you’d recommend?

“FlyingSolo- “How to go it alone in business”

What’s your personal motto or favourite quote?

None really but this week this one has appeared across my desk “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it’s the courage to continue that counts” Winston Churchill

Kathleen's students

Kathleen’s students

A blog you like to read?

Lots. Arts Journal; Beyond Talent; 99U; the Brilliant report (Annie Murphy Paul); CreativityPost

A small business resource you recommend?


How do you manage business and family? Got any tips?

A tricky question; My business is built on being available for family, but as the business has grown there is less time for family, But they need less of me.

What’s a small business you love or respect or admire?

Djarts– Arts education.

 How many hours do you sleep a night?

About 7. Some nights are a little erratic. But I cannot get up before 6.00am!

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Thank you Kathleen! Want to find out more about Kathleen or connect with her? Here you go:

Website: www.kathleenconnell.com.au
Facebook page: Kathleen Connell Singing Studio

PS We start the Healthy Income Program again on 1 September. Fancy joining us? The FREE warm up is open now, you can do it for FUN and you don’t have to join us for the full program unless you want to!

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Join US!




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