Taking our mobile card payment device to the markets!

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Last week I tried my MYOB PayDirect thingo in my business and found that it was easy peasy to set up and use. Phew! Today I asked one of our lovely Business Bakery members to try it out in her business TOO!


This post is sponsored by MYOB PayDirect but the opinions are all mine!

Meet Natasha from Spindrift Collections!

Natasha makes sterling silver jewellery with unique sea smoothed beach glass. She sells at markets and through her website Spindrift Collections.

From Spindrift Collections

From Spindrift Collections

Off to the markets!

Natasha already takes credit card payments at markets ‘cos she is a smart cookie, but she agreed to have a go with my MYOB PayDirect thingo so we could see how it works with HER customers.

Now here’s a thing. You wouldn’t normally lend your MYOB PayDirect set up to someone else. That’s a big no no for security reasons. [Plus of course the money ends up in your account and not theirs] but we did this as a little experiment and I paid Natasha back what she was owed. Of course!

Natasha at her Spindrift Collections stall

Natasha at her Spindrift Collections stall


Card or cash?

 2014-11-09 09.18.39

First of all I was wondering how many customers would choose to pay with a card rather than cash. Well that was easy. Everyone paid by card. See! Accepting credit cards IS important! Most customers asked if Natasha took credit cards: she had a little sign saying she did, but people liked to ask anyway.

I went for a wander around the market to see if there were many stalls that didn’t take credit cards. And? Well, the expensive stalls took cards but that’s not surprising as few people walk around with a few hundred dollars in their pocket. What about the cheaper (less than $100 type) stalls? Well many of them didn’t. I desperately wanted to spy on them to see if that meant they were missing out on sales but it turns out spying is a bit awkward! What I can say is that the cash-only stalls weren’t exactly run off their feet.

A weird looking device?

 2014-11-09 09.46.26

The MYOB PayDirect Reader and iPhone combo is still quite new, and it certainly doesn’t look like the type of payment device you find in big retail stores, so I did wonder if customers would question what it was.

Nah! No one mentioned it!

Easy to use?

 2014-11-09 09.48.01

If you read this post you’ll know that the MYOB PayDirect thingo is simps for YOU to use. The only thing you have to remember if you’re not taking payments every two minutes (or so!) is that you need to wake the MYOB PayDirect Reader up again. That’s easy to do  – you just press the on button – but I did forget a few times! You don’t have to resync the Bluetooth-y thing or anything awkward like that. Oh yes, and don’t forget to charge up the Reader before you leave home!

What about customers? Well it’s super easy for them too. The buttons are nice and big so they won’t key in the wrong number (or is that just me?!) and the only thing that takes a bit of getting used to is that because theMYOB PayDirect Reader is so small, the customer needs to hold it in their hand. You can’t do that thing where you hold it and they punch in the numbers. But hey, that’s cool!

Buying more!

 2014-11-09 09.18.05

Here’s the thing about Natasha’s stuff – it’s easy to want to buy more than one thing. She sells necklaces (the most expensive thing) but also earings and silk wrist wraps. I did ask one person who bought multiple goodies if they would have bought as many items if they’d been paying in cash. She didn’t think so!

And then, just to be sure, I tested this out for myself. Came home with THREE things. Two more than I had planned

One more tester

That was the end of our field testing. Until I spotted this. That’s my daughter playing shops with it. See – perfect for little hands!



and here she is not wanting to give-it-back!


MYOB PayDirect

Today is the last time I’ll talk about taking mobile card payments. Well for a bit anyway. If you missed a post in this series, here’s the one about WHY you should take mobile card payments. And here’s the one where I try out MYOB PayDirect!

If YOU’D like to have a chat with the lovely people at MYOB PayDirect just fill out the form below and one of them will contact you. Or you can pop along to their website here!

What d’you think? Will you get a mobile-payment-thingo?

This post is sponsored by MYOB PayDirect. I only accept sponsored posts from products that I think are useful to you and that I would use in my business. Sponsored posts make a valuable contribution to the upkeep of The Business Bakery and enable us to continue to provide you with fabulous free content!


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