Seven FABULOUS reasons to send a (regular) newsletter

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Do you send out a regular newsletter? Yes? No? Really you should! They’re super-useful and totally worth the effort! Here’s why!
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Lots of you lovely people have asked if I think you really, really need to do a newsletter.

Oh look, I know they can be a bit time consuming and some of you are worried about how to actually do it, and some of you don’t want to send a newsletter because you don’t want to be annoying, but popping these worries aside for a minute (tips on how to fix them coming up next time!) here are seven REAL reasons why doing a newsletter is a GOOD thing!

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1.It reminds us that you exist

Your work is lovely, really it is, but goodness we have a lot going on in our lives and unless you remind us that you exist, we, um, forget you. I know that sounds  a bit harsh but it’s true! So help us out, jog our memories, say ‘hello’. Send a newsletter!

2.It helps us LIKE you

We buy from people we like but we need to know you to like you! When you pop a bit of your personality into your newsletter (like this)  it’s easy to get to know you!

3.It helps us TRUST you

We know there are some shonky businesses out there and we want to make sure you’re not one of them! When you send a regular newsletter we know you’re not fly-by-night-y!

4.It tells us about stuff we don’t know we want

You might be worried you’re “bothering us” but honestly, if you don’t tell us about your cool stuff, how  will we ever know whether we want it or not?!

5.It makes up for the fact we keep missing you on Social Media

We like your Facebook page but don’t see many of your posts*, we like your Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest stuff too but, hey, we don’t live on Social Media so we miss a lot of that as well! That’s why we like your newsletter, it might sit in our inbox for a while but we WILL look at it when we get a moment.

(*On average Facebook posts are seen by less than 5% of your fans. Newsletters are delivered to everyone on your list and opened by about 20%. What do you think to that?!)

6.It’s easy to keep for ‘later’

Y’know where I said your newsletter might sit in our inboxes for a while? That’s true. But lots of us DO look at them later. !

7.It’s easy to share with friends

Sometimes we want to share you with our friends! Really! Yes we can share your Social Media posts but sometimes it’s more appropriate (private maybe?) to share a newsletter.


Fancy starting a newsletter or reviving your old one?! Next week we’ve got a bunch of tips that make sending newsletters super-easy!”

♡ YOU! ♡

They’re my top reasons for sending a newsletter, what would YOU add?!


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