How to revitalise your New Year business-y goals!

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Have your New Year goals faded a bit?! Kinda happens to LOTS of us. But that’s OK, we’ve got a plan!


revitalise goals

New Year goals faded? You’re not alone!

Oh Goodness. Life gets in the way a bit doesn’t it?! All those great intentions at the start of the year and then February pops round and we realise we haven’t actually made much progress on the goal front! Gah!

I’m running a 100 day Goal thing. We’ve got a lovely group doing it, and we’re on day 34 now so we’re more than a third of the way through. Hurrah! Still it’s not easy and some of my 100 day-ers have emailed me looking for a bit of goal help. Here are some thoughts in case you’re finding it hard to work on or stick to your goals too!

Why we let our goals f-a-d-e

If you’re feeling a bit ugh about your goal progress, or have totally let your goals lapse, don’t feel bad about it! It happens to lots of us! Here’s why!:Revitalise new year goals

1 We picked a SHOULD goal

Oh this is the biggest reason we don’t achieve our goal. We don’t really want to achieve it! True! Often we pick a goal we think we should aim for, not one that we desperately WANT to actually hit. Why? Oh all sorts of reasons. But mostly because we think our “want” goal looks a bit weedy so we set a bigger one!

2 We picked a RANDOM goal

Quick, it’s the end of the year, better pick a goal! Ever done that?! Me TOO! Doesn’t work well does it?! It’s easy to spot a random goal – it’s the one we don’t have any interest in!

3 We picked an OVER ambitious goal

Gah! I’m guilty of this! In the heady days of the end of the year I feel invincible. I can do ANYTHING! And then January starts and I remember I actually have four children to look after and only so many hours in the day! Uh oh. I’m all for ambitious goals but sometimes we set them just TOO high!

Oh February! New goals please!

I think it’s very perfect to set a new goal in February! Really! We’ve had a month to realise that the BIG new year goal wasn’t quite the right thing and now we know what we want to be aiming for. So go now and pick a NEW goal! Just make sure it’s:

1 A “want” goal not a “should” one

2 A “real” goal not a “random” one. Take your time. Better to start working on the right one later than the wrong one now!

3 A ‘doable’ goal. Ambitious goals are good but they need to be realistic TOO!

I heard someone say this, and isn’t it true?!

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…..but if you take that first step in the wrong direction you’ll end up a good thousand miles away from where you want to be”

So if you think you’ve set the wrong goal, just change it! Ta-da!

Practical tips to help you achieve your goals

Right! These things work! If you tried them before and they didn’t, it’s probably because you were aiming for the wrong goal. YES?

1 Do something EVERY day towards your goal. Three actions a day works super-well but if you can only do one, do one!

2 Make a list of the goal-actions you could do next week, this week. Often we don’t take action right now because we don’t know what to do! Taking time to make a big list once a week helps!

3 Decide tomorrow’s actions TODAY (you can use the list in 2 above to help!) This is such a simple trick but makes me so much more efficient! You can use this for your normal todo list TOO (more on this here)

4 Do your goal actions first before you work on your normal todo list. Really! I promise you’ll still find time to do your todos (somehow we DO) AND you’ll have worked on you goal! Hurrah! Maybe try an Eisenhower box?

5 Keep a journal. There are some more notes here on this but really it’s just writing down, each day, what actions you took towards reaching your goal. Works a TREAT!

6 Check your progress. I’m very motivated by success so I like to check often how I’m going. You TOO? Make sure you pick a goal that’s easily measurable otherwise this is tricky to do!

Reaching goals

♡ YOU! ♡

What are your best goal-y tips?!

100 Day Goal with The Business Bakery

We run a fun thing called the 100 Day Goal with The Business Bakery. It’s daily emails and a community to help urge us on with our goals. The January one is closed and we won’t do it again until later in the year, but if you’d like to be on the list for next time you can pop your name here and we’ll let you know when we’re starting!


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    Love this! especially having the big list!!

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