Motivation Kit


This gorgeous printable Motivation Kit contains everything you need to keep you motivated every day.


What’s in the Motivation Kit?


1 How to use the Motivation Kit

There are lots of parts to this Kit, so this section covers everything from printing and filing the pages through to how to use the Recipes to boost your motivation.


2 How Motivation Works

Once you know how motivation works it’s much easier to work out what you need to do to Motivate yourself. It’s also nice to know that motivation is science, not some weird magic that some people have access to and some people don’t. This section is where you’ll find notes on the biology and psychology of Motivation.


3 The Motivation Recipes

Motivation “Recipes” are simple instructions for preparing, reading, creating or doing things that will make you feel motivated. At the bottom of each Recipe you’ll see notes explaining how the Recipe makes you feel motivated: this is important because our Recipes are backed by science, not woo woo.

The Motivation “Recipes” are grouped into the following collections:


3.1 Mighty Motivators

The first collection of Motivation Recipes is the “Mighty Motivators’. Mighty Motivators are substantial recipes which takes upwards of an hour to complete. They are ‘one time’ Recipes, but you use the output of the Recipe – the thing you create – every day. “Mighty” motivators are special because they give a double kick: you get a massive burst of motivation the day you do them, and then they continue to motivate you every day that you use them.


3.2 Momentum Motivators

The second collection of Motivation Recipes is the “Momentum Motivators”. These are quick recipes which you do daily, or whenever you have a momentum ‘event’. They get more powerful the more you use them.


3.3 One Minute Motivators

The third collection of Motivation Recipes is the big one. Here’s where you will find oodles of easy-peasy motivation boosters. Each Recipe can be done on its own or you can combine them for extra motivation magic.


3.4 Motivation Squishers

The fourth collection contains the Recipes to beat the Motivation Squishers. Motivation Squishers are the little nasties that sap your motivation. It’s important to know what these are and how you can defend yourself against them.


4. Create your Daily Motivation Routine

Because you want to feel motivated every day, it makes sense to create a motivation routine. In this section you’ll put together the perfect motivation routine for you.


5. The Worksheets

This is where you’ll find 16 fabulous worksheets to help bring the Recipes to life.


6. Quotes & Notes

And finally, 36 gorgeous Motivating Quotes for you to pop in your planner or Motivation Station, and extra notes pages for your planner


Your Printable Motivation Kit

We designed the Motivation Kit for you to print and file in a planner (or any file really) so you can keep it handy and use it every day. But you can, of course, just read it on your screen too. Or do a combo: print some/screen some.


*The Motivation Kit is pretty big so we’ll send you nine PDFs. Each page prints on A4 with instructions to cut in half to make two A5 pages
*Each page has margins for hole-punching / binding
*Your download includes printing instructions


Accessing your PDFs

We send a link to your PDFs via email. Some email providers (mainly Hotmail) get a bit excited about our emails and they send them off to spamland. If you purchase the Motivation Kit and don’t get an email from us immediately, just email and we’ll fix it for you!





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