A fun-easy-super-clever way to network!

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Oh goodness! This is such a clever, fun and easy thing to do. I’ve been making it a habit since I read this article and it REALLY works.You might like to do it TOO!

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It’s making daily introductions! Maybe it sounds a bit odd. But read on, ‘cos it’s a super-smart and very simple thing to do!

What are Daily Introductions?

It’s making one helpful introduction a day between two people in your network. That’s it!

Is there anything more to it than that?

Um. Not really. It’s  just connecting someone you know up with someone else you know because they might be useful to each other. So it’s just about being helpful

Eh? Why would I do that?

Lots of reasons. Here are five! A fun-easy-super-clever way to network

1. It’s an ace way of getting back in touch with people you’ve not spoken to recently.

2. It reminds people you exist! Oh you know – out of sight, out of mind! Sometimes we want people to remember us! This is a nice way of doing it!

3. It makes people want to help YOU! Oh yessie! Always! It’s called The Law of Reciprocity. People feel compelled to help people who have helped them. So if you do something to help someone else (like introducing them to a useful contact) they feel a very strong need to be helpful back to YOU!

4. Helps you network if you’re shy. Networkingy things are hard when you’re shy. But when you focus your network efforts on helping other people it’s heaps easier!

5. It feels good to be useful! If you’re having a crappy day, helping someone else will make you feel a ton better!

Do I really have to do DAILY introductions?!

No! If your network is small, or you find the thought of doing introductions confronting, or you’re just a bit too busy,you don’t need to do it daily. Instead you could try weekly, fortnightly or even just monthly.

It’s best to do it regularly though because that helps to turn it into a habit. And of course the more you do it the more you reap the benefits!

Right. How do I do it then?

Super simple!

Start by just thinking about someone you know who you’d like to get back in touch with. Let’s call that person Ann. Now just mentally flick through everyone you know until you find someone who would be a useful connection for Ann. Found someone? Good. Now think about whether Ann would like to meet them. She would? Good.

Now just do the intro. This is easy. Just drop them both a nice little email explaining why you think the two of them should connect. And you’re done! You can leave it there. You’ve done your bit and if they want to catch up or whatever they will!

Don’t we kinda do this ‘introduction’ thing anyway?!

Well yes and no. Some people are super good at this. They are natural connectors. The rest of us? Well we do it when we’re asked but we don’t do it as a matter of course. Daily Introductions just helps to turn us into connectors. And it’s fun, easy and useful.

Fancy trying it?!

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