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This is a cool way to help you get better at marketing. I’ll explain why it works at the bottom. It’s super simple.


Here’s what you do:

1. Make a copy of the worksheet below. You can use an ordinary notebook or something like Evernote.

2. Every Friday think about all the marketing stuff you’ve done in the week

3. Put each activity into one of the five boxes. Pick the box that you think is most likely. So if you did something during the week that you expect to result in a sale this month you’d pop it in the “This month” box.

4. Put your completed worksheet in a “My Marketing” file so you can flick back to it later

5. Do it every week!

Right. Here’s the worksheet. Give it a go NOW and then I’ll tell you how this little tip makes you better at marketing.


Done it? Oh good. Now which box did you put most of your marketing activities into?

I’ll let you into a secret. Most of us are VERY bottom heavy. The greatest amount of our marketing is in the “Dunno but I’m getting my name out there!” box and we don’t do much for the “This week” box.

That’s why we don’t sell nearly as much stuff as we think we should!

Ideally it’s best to have marketing activities evenly spread across each box. You might not be able to do that each week, but you can aim to do that over a month or so.

The trick though is to REMEMBER to do your spread of marketing stuff. We get busy! We get stuck! We procrastinate!  So that’s what this worksheet is for. It’s a weekly kick up the bum. And it works!

Fancy giving it a go?!

P.S. If you’re a bit ugh about marketing this may help.  Marketing: helping the people who will love your stuff, find it!



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