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Kitchen-Tables and Business Buddies

August 5, 2013, No Comments

Do you have any business buddies? You know, friends that you can call up, natter about your business with, have a little ...

Another five fab articles

August 5, 2013, 5 Comments

(image) 1. Got time to watch a video? Then you MUST watch this. It’s about keeping a diary and it’s totally fabulous ...

Five more fab articles

July 29, 2013, No Comments

Why it pays to be a morning person, how the best ideas are slow cooked, tips for getting your friends to help your busin ...


July 29, 2013, No Comments

Here’s some super interesting info about willpower and how we can use the science behind it to make getting stuff done ...

How to get your work day started

July 22, 2013, 16 Comments

I’ve been reading lots of stuff about routines. I do quite like a routine. Do you?! Today I thought I’d write about ...

Five fab articles for you to read

July 21, 2013, No Comments

Tips for getting your online shoppers all the way to the till, how to pick colours for your business, more tips for gett ...

Make Every Minute Count

Five fab articles you need to read this week

July 15, 2013, No Comments

How to: take a holiday; get free publicity; stress less about getting stuff done; manage your time and manage your money ...

Little by Little

The best way to do Marketing

July 15, 2013, No Comments

Here’s a good tip if you find marketing a bit painful. And if you do, take heart, you’re not alone.   I think loads ...


July 9, 2013, Comments Off on Coaching

Hi I’m Julia Bickerstaff, the founder of The Business Bakery. If you are stuck, have got a specific problem, are falli ...


How to Bake a Business, by Julia Bickerstaff (Allen & Unwin)

July 8, 2013, 1 Comment

On sale at all good bookstores and available on line here “A feast of practical advice served up in easy-to-unders ...