#6 Lunch and Learn – How to become an expert at anything

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What it is:

A visualisation technique to help you become an expert in some of the important stuff you need to do in your business, but feel a little at sea with right now.

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Why it works:

It gets you thinking through all the components to a task in a fun way. Visualisation get’s your subconscious brain firing – so your brain is more powerful. A little like your brain on steroids, I guess

How you do it:

This is easiest to explain by way of an example, so here goes:

  1. Let’s pretend that you are writing your blog and a little stuck on attracting readers to it.
  2. In that mode imagine that you are invited to speak at the world’s number one blogging event
  3. The invitation has come because your blog has been voted #1 in the ‘best small business blog’ category
  4. The event hosts want you to speak for half an hour on the subject “How I turned my blog from zero to hero in less than a year”
  5. Now, write that presentation
  6. You don’t need to write it out like a manual. Rather imagine you are reflecting back and prepare it along the lines of:
    1. A year ago my problem was that I had a blog but no readers.
    2. I started researching the world of blogging and I realised that the reason I couldn’t attract readers was that I didn’t blog interesting content, and I didn’t write well
    3. So I started……(and here’s where the magic is, your subconscious will take over and without you having to think about it good stuff will flow, believe me!)
    4. And now I have …… lots of readers
  7. This process works for any problem, I just picked blogging because it’s easy for everyone to relate to.
  8. So, in a nutshell you:
    1. Imagine you are invited to talk at a big event on your chosen problem area
    2. Outline the presentation you would give
    3. Start with the problem you have right now
    4. Dissect it to get to the heart of the problem
    5. Write about how you over came it

So it sounds a bit wacky, but it works, it works!


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