#5 Lunch and learn: How to get your business back on track by falling in love with it again

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What it is:

A way to fall in love with your business again

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Why it works:

Once your business has been going a year or more, and you are frantically trying to keep up with all the bits that need doing, it’s easy to fall out of love with it.

This recipe is designed to rekindle the excitement you felt when you first started in business, remind you why you are doing it, and give you the enthusiasm to carry on.

What you do:

Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What was my initial motivation for starting the business?
  2. What did I believe?

To get the best out of this recipe you should write out your answer. Just open up a word doc and get typing. Let your fingers loose on the keyboard. You’ll be amazed what your subconscious brain remembers and you’ll enjoy the flow of writing it.

Print out the doc, stick it on your wall (or a pinboard, I like to stick lots of stuff up visibly so a pinboard saves the paint and looks prettier) and look at it often.


This recipe was inspired by a post on the Andreessen Horowitz website. Although it’s about a rather large venture capital fund the story is well written, interesting and fun

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Not the whole story but here’s a summary of my motivation and belief:

My original motivation for starting The Business Bakery was to help the owners of ‘lifestyle’ businesses make a decent profit from their hard work.

I believe that, with good design, it’s perfectly possible to run a super-profitable business at the same time as running a family (or other time devouring activity!)


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