#44: Top Tip from Nutrimetics founder Imelda Roche and Pandora Australia founder Karin Adcock’s for combining business and motherhood

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I’m just back from a speaking engagement for Family Business Australia
where I had the pleasure of interviewing
Karin Adcock and Claire Tynan.


Karin founded of Pandora in Australia. She badgered Pandora in Denmark for the license, they grudgingly
agreed, and she promptly turned Australia into the highest performing
country per capita in the Pandora Group! Oh yes and when she started the
business eight years ago she had a 9 month old, a two year old and a 7
year old. Phew.

The obvious question was ‘how did she do it?’ and her answer was to get as much help as possible – both on the business and the home front.

Imelda Roche , founder of Nutrimetics and uber-successful business woman was in the
audience. She raised her hand and asked if she could make a comment.

Of course she could! After all, here’s a woman who knows what she’s talking about.

Imelda and her husband started their business when she was a mum of four young
children. 30 years later they sold it for Sara Lee for a (very)
handsome sum. Along the way they gave many, many Mums the opportunity to work through their Nutrimetics Consultant program. And this was at a time when most women were still tied to the kitchen by their apron strings.

This is what she said, quite simply:

“Buy as much help as you can afford”

Hmm, it’s a pretty good rule to live by.

If you’re thinking that you can’t afford to hire help,  flip back to this blog post for some tips. It may be more affordable than you think.

And don’t feel guilty about outsourcing home based stuff. As Claire Tynan (former CEO of Mahindra Australia), said at the event, “when you pay for
help you’re giving someone else the opportunity of work”.


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