Four tips for beating shyness and making the most of networking events

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4 tips for beating shyness and making (1)

How do you feel about networking events? A little bit shy? Oh gah! Me too. But I’m not as bad as I was, thankfully.

I used to find the whole group-of-strangers thing VERY overwhelming. And it’s not that I’m not chatty and friendly. I am! I am! But big groups of people? Ugh. I’d rather just go and hide in the loo.

The whole ‘shy’ thing got a bit awkward though as I started to do a LOT of speaking gigs. Where’s the speaker? Oh she’s hiding in the Ladies.

So I experimented with ways of beating my shyness and eventually I found some things that work! Really WORK! And I thought I’d pop them on here in case you’d like to try them too!

1. Ask the other attendees lots of questions

This tip is the BEST! And it’s super-easy: ask lots of questions!

Questions work like magic. First of all it’s easy to ask questions. And you can prep them beforehand if you’re at all worried about it. Secondly people will be flattered you are interested in them. Thirdly  people love talking about themselves so there won’t be any awkward pauses. And finally people you question will LIKE you! Weird – yes – but it seems to be a quirk of human nature that we really like people who encourage us to talk about ourselves!

How do you do it? Well just put your big girl panties on, walk up to anyone at the event, introduce yourself and ask them what their business does. Once they’ve started talking just keep asking them questions and – boom- you’ve made yourself a friend!

Don’t worry if you don’t get a word in about your business. You can always follow up with your new friend after the event. They’ll want to keep in touch with you because they like you! YES!

2. Imagine you are the host

This is a good little mind trick. Just walk into the event imagining that YOU are the host.

Think about it now. How would you act if was YOUR event? You’d probably still feel nervous – yes  –  but you’d pop a big smile on your face and you’d say hello to everyone whether you knew them or not. Agree?!

And that big smile and ‘hello’? Well it makes you look confident and welcoming. Which then makes people want to talk to you! Which then makes you feel more confident…….which makes people want to talk to you…….and so on and so on!

3. Help someone

If you get to an event and you’re struggling to break into a group and find someone to talk to, see if you find someone to help. If you look around you can usually find someone who needs an extra pair of hands (a mum who brought her newborn and can’t hold the coffee and the baby?), or someone who’s looking for something (the bathroom?). Go and help them. You’ll make their day and you’ll feel good!

4. Put your phone away and leave your friends

Hard as it is, keep your phone in your bag. People won’t talk to you if you’re looking at your phone and while that kinda makes you feel good in the moment, it’s not so FAB for networking!

And if you go to an event with a friend: separate. I know that’s tricky too but you won’t try half as hard to meet new people if you’re there with your bestie.

These tips have really worked for me. Maybe they will work for you TOO!

☺☺Have YOU got a tip to share for beating shyness and making the most of networking events?!☺☺


♥PS♥  If you’re coming to the Artful Business Conference next Monday/Tuesday or the Sass Summit the week after you can practice on ME! We can ask each other lots of questions and, um, avoid our phones!


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