#4 lunch and learn: do less hard work

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This recipe is inspired by Jason Fried

What it is
A clever way to get rid of the work that you hate doing

Hard work

Why it works

A sizeable chunk of running a business seems to be doing quite a lot of work that you really don’t like doing.  You don’t need me to tell you how draining that is!

This is a neat way of getting rid of at least a little of that hard work without resorting to outsourcing it (which costs!)

What you do

Well I guess part of this is easier said than done, but it’s worth having a go at nevertheless.

  1. Work out what some of the tasks are that you really dislike; this should be easy!
  2. Pick the worst task on the list
  3. Ask yourself:
    1. Would anyone notice if we just didn’t do this task at all?
    2. Who would notice if we didn’t do it?
    3. Would they care?
    4. Can we do a cut down, quicker version?
    5. Can we be a leader rather than a follower and do it differently?
  4. Trial ignoring or doing a skinny version of the task
  5. What happened – did the world fall apart or was it all ok?
  6. If need be revisit your skinny version and try a new one that’s still not as onerous as the original. Stuff like this often needs a few iterations
  7. Remember that even if you only shave a few minutes off each task, it all adds up to a happier you.



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