29 quick and super-useful Video Tips!

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Hello gorgeous!

Here’s a collection of 29 video tips (funny number isn’t it!). They’re all just between one and two minutes long so you can watch them all at once or you can dip in and dip out! The tips are all simple and doable things you can do today to make your business healthier or more fun to run! I think you’ll LOVE them!  Just so you kinda know what you’re getting I’ve listed the titles of each video below. Fancy watching them? There’s a small charge of $20 for access to them all and you can get them here. Easy!

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The titles of the videos are:

  1. Perfect is the enemy
  2. Elephant
  3. Journey of 1000 miles
  4. Pasta in the jar
  5. Bird by bird
  6. Simplicity
  7. Time bank account
  8. You can’t do everything
  9. Done wall
  10. Alone zone
  11. Distraction chair
  12. Feeling low
  13. Journal
  14. Manage your email
  15. Not in the mood!
  16. Profit and profiteering
  17. Should I do it?
  18. Take it easy
  19. Two minute tasks
  20. Working not working
  21. Wow
  22. Be happy
  23. Bartering
  24. Procrastinators
  25. Napping
  26. Meetings
  27. Five minute blitz
  28. Don’t break the chain
  29. To do lists!

If you’re currently doing our Healthy Income Program you don’t need to buy these videos as you already have them! xx


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