20 Lunch and Learn. A feel good business recipe and the very best pick-me-up

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What it is

This is the best filing you will ever do. It’s a ‘wow’ folder and you put every little bit of good news into it!

Why it works

Let’s be honest, in business there are bad days. The ‘wow folder’ is the antidote. A little flick through it is the ultimate pick-me-up.

What you do

There really is very little to do here. Simply set up a “Wow folder” and put a copy every little fabulous thing that happens to you inside it.

They don’t have to be enormous things. A thank you note, a supportive tweet, a screenshot of your website hits on an amazing day, anything really that when you see it you feel a little ‘Wow’ inside.

I’m particularly daggy, or needy, because I keep an email folder, a document folder and a paper folder for my ‘wows’. No chance of me mislaying one!

Then, when you are feeling a little low, unmotivated, or had disappointing news, have a flick through your ‘wow’ folder. It’s sure to get you back on track.


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