100 Day Goal BOOST

I love the 100 Day Goal. I really do. I’ve done it myself too many times to count, and I’ve helped over 100,000 other people do it. We’ve had so many amazing successes and I know the process totally does work.

But I also know that after the first very FUN days of doing the 100 Day Goal, it can get hard. Really HARD!

Life gets in the way, motivation drops, willpower crumbles, confidence fades and fatigue sets in. I know because it’s happened to me!

There is good news though! I’ve also discovered lots of SIMPLE tricks and habits that make getting through each of the 100 Days much, much easier…….

I’ve packaged up the best of these tricks and habits into a Daily Video series called the BOOST. It’s a series of 118 short daily videos and each one gives you a super-practical tool to help you reach your 100 Day Goal.

The videos start before the beginning of the 100 Day Goal, with tips to help you get ready. There are more than ten warm up videos to help your set your goal, decide your Microactions, and generally get yourself prepared!

Once we start the 100 Day Goal I then send a short video each day (The videos come to you as a link on the normal 100 Day Goal daily email. I don’t want to flood your inbox with extra emails!) I send the videos daily rather than in one big bunch, so you can put the tips into practice straight away. I know that when I watch 118 tips at one sitting I don’t remember any of them, but when they come in little bites I remember them all!

Here’s a little video I did about the 100 Day Goal BOOST:

Fancy getting the BOOST?!

If you’re worried your 100 Day Goal might get derailed by overwhelm, motivation dips, confidence crises …….etc join us in the BOOST. You can get it here.