100 Day Christmas Sales Group


Join a small group of lovely people doing a 100 Day Sales Goal.

If you feel a bit awkward “selling” and would rather be “making” or “doing” this lovely little group is perfect for you. We’ll help you with ideas, we’ll encourage you to do your “selling” daily and we’ll be on hand if your confidence is having a wobble.

How it works:
* Secret Facebook Group
* Facilitated by Julia Bickerstaff
* Daily check in (if you want!)
* Ideas to get you started
* Small group to help you chat through your ideas
* Enjoy and learn from helping other people too
* If appropriate, maybe sharing your product in our Sweet Stuff email + socials
* And who knows what else!

You’ll be surprised how easy 100 Days of “selling” Microactions becomes (really you will!) and you’ll be delighted with the results.

Starts Friday 31 August.



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